Naked Bungy Jump for BCSS

Bungee jumping naked
Bungee jumping naked

Naked Bungy Jump for BCSS

Around your ankles is a massive elastic rope and nothing else, attached at the other end to a big steel bridge. You can look down at the River, taunting you from 150ft below, you’ll be there in a few seconds anyway. Feel your palms sweating? Us too.

WOW. 13 years of raising funds (and eyebrows) to help people affected by mental illness. Come help the BCSS take the next step with your 150-foot leap!


All you have to do now is stop listening to that voice in your head… and jump.

  • Naked Bungy Jump for BCSS is an 18+ event only, no minors will be admitted to the site on this day. There will be no exceptions to this policy.
  • Guests who fundraise $200 or more towards their jump may jump for free, the refund of your jump fee will be processed by WildPlay once the BCSS confirms the fundraised amount.
  • Participants must be fully nude or the regular jump fee of 129.99 will apply to the jump. Participants may change to a clothed jump on-site and pay the difference which will all be donated to the BCSS.
  • No photography of any kind is permitted at the event, photographs will be available for free to all participants after the event and are included in the price of your jump.
  • Minimum age 18+ to be on site.
  • From $55 per adult   

Learn more about Naked Bungy Jumping or if you don’t want to let the good hang out you can do a regular jump. Lear more: {website}