Pasta Grannies | Meet the Oldest Pasta-Making Granny in the World!

Giuseppa - Pasta Grannies
Giuseppa - Pasta Grannies

Giuseppa Porcu was a late substitution on the Pasta Grannies second trip to Sardinia in October; her great friend (also 95 years old) had been poorly and wasn’t sufficiently well to make pasta – so Giuseppa stepped in to help. She’s bright as button, still living independently in a large house subdivided into apartments for other family members. She cooks every day for herself and her younger brother.

And here she is, making ‘maccarones di ungia’ in dialect. She also showed us how she makes malloreddus (they taste the same, she whispered conspiratorially) and fregola. Giuseppa would have kept on going she was so pleased with occasion, but was persuaded to stop before she exhausted herself. We asked her what her earliest food memory was: being told to eat everything on her plate. Food was too precious to waste. 

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