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Pasta Grannies discover potato filled ravioli called Tortelli Di Mugello

This episode is double carb heaven! These tortelli are filled with cheesy potato and served with a meat ragu. They are...

Pasta Grannies meets Nonna Maria from New Jersey!

https://youtu.be/ahCTiukQ_vo Nonna Maria shares a typical recipe from Abruzzo: pasta alla chitarra with pallotte cacio e uova...

Pasta Grannies | Meet the Oldest Pasta-Making Granny in the World!

https://youtu.be/eb075ybTrmM Giuseppa Porcu was a late substitution on the Pasta Grannies second trip to Sardinia in October;...

Pasta Grannies | Discover Ferricelli pasta made by 93 year old...

https://youtu.be/zEKfPiW9guM Rosa and her friend Luigia Adelina made two different pasta dishes; first Rosa shows us...

Pasta Grannies | Discover Nonna Rosa’s ‘straw and hay’ tagliatelle!

https://youtu.be/Ph2VydKJUdc This week's heroine Nonna is Rosa, from Faenza in Emilia Romagna, who shares her...
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