Teatro Zinzanni – Woodinville

Teatro Zinzanni - Woodinville, WA
Teatro Zinzanni - Woodinville, WA

After building a successful show palace on the Jersey Shore, the larger-than-life Romanelli sisters are offered an opportunity to expand their business to Hollywood!  The sisters hit the road seeking fame and fortune, but are surprised to find that the journey leads them to the Squak Saloon in the heart of the Hollywood District, in the wine country of Woodinville, Washington.  Desperate to infuse the place with the showroom with their unique brand of razzle dazzle, the Romanellis’ see their work is cut out for them when they encounter a group of skeptical locals.  We meet the Woodin Brothers, country lads who will do anything to preserve the traditions of the West, a sous chef with dreams of being a daredevil, and a Baroness who spins more than just plates.  The mélange of eclectic styles may prove to be the way of perfecting a balanced blend of love, chaos and dinner.

Dates: November 01, 2018 through April 28, 2019
Website: https://zinzanni.com/seattle/shows/hollywood-vine/
Location: 14200 NE 145th St., Woodinville WA 98072